STADIUMS/ARENAS/shopping malls

​It is no secret that terrorist would love the opportunity to carry out an attack on a large sporting event or shopping center.  If such an attack was carried out it would be catastrophic. The terrorist specifically mention in their handbook to target skyscrapers, nuclear power plants, shopping malls,and crowded sports arenas as the best targets to spread terror in the United States. Phantom K9 has formed an Anti-Terrorism Unit to specifically prevent  this type of attack from happening.  Phantom K9 will deploy our highly trained Anti-Terrorism Unit members to your venue to ensure all your staff,personnel, players, fans, and customers in attendance go home safe and unharmed.  


​With drug use in the workplace costing employers billions of dollars each year,  Phantom K9 has a resolution.  We have highly trained teams of Investigators to assist you in fighting this problem.   Phantom K9 will arrive unannounced to your venue and conduct onsite contraband searches.  Our staff will conduct canine sweeps along and physical searches of vehicles and office areas located on the property.   


Phantom K9 is very versatile when it comes to working in the canine industry. In addition to the above services, Phantom K9 offers our explosive and narcotic services to all business' and schools. If you do not see a service listed, please email us to discuss what we can do to meet your needs.