​Phantom K9 was created in southern Iraq in 2009 by Marine Corps and U.S. Navy veterans. We formed this company in an effort to provide the highest quality canines services in the world. Phantom K9 executives have more than 55 years in the canine detection, terrorism awareness and security industry. All executives have served in Iraq in the private sector as Explosive Detector Dog Handlers and Personal Security Specialists.   Phantom K9 takes pride in being one of the only canine companies that provide highly trained explosive detection canine teams at your disposal.  Phantom K9 places our teams at stadiums/arenas, shopping centers, concerts, and any place that large crowd’s gather.  Our goal is to seek out, disrupt, and eliminate terrorism in today’s world, while ensuring a safe environment for you.

Our dog’s purpose is to seek out explosive materials and devices. Our K9s are not taught to be aggressive, unless specified by the client.   We train our dogs to be involved with large crowds and to be social.  Phantom K9 has worked hand in hand with numerous government agencies and performed excellent alongside them.  If you do not have canines implemented into your security procedure, Phantom K9 is very experienced in creating and implementing this service.  Phantom K9 not only performs pregame sweeps, but continues to conduct sweeps throughout the entire event so that we create an explosive free zone for the duration of the event! 

We recruit our staff from the military and law enforcement fields only, because terrorism detection and elimination is our most important concern at Phantom K9. So, the product you are supplied is a highly trained and experienced canine teams. By filling our ranks with the most experienced applicants, we have developed a team that is second to none.

Phantom K9 has been recommended by the former U.S. Ambassador to Iraq (2007-2009) Ryan Crocker whom represented the United States in one of the most conflict ridden countries on earth.    ​​​​​